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        Hi, my name is Mia Thurmond and I am the owner of AdoreStarr. After graduating high school in 2016, I attended Oakland Community College for an associates degree in Business Administration. In the beginning everything seemed to work out fine. I started off with three classes while also working as a crew member at a restaurant. As the months went on, I got promoted to a Shift Manager which meant I had to work longer hours. I was taking on the harder classes that required more attention outside of school hours. I became stressed with school when the more intermediate classes came around and I found myself not having the energy to study. Working long shifts while trying to make time for studying became exhausting quick. It wasn't until it came time for me to take my accounting classes that changed my life. The class was something that was hard for me to understand since their was so many formulas and equations that were to be memorized and used correctly. After finishing a class on business, the idea of becoming an entrepreneur became a thought in my head.
        During high school, becoming an entrepreneur was something I told myself I would never do. Knowing that I would have to do everything myself was too much for somebody who had a lazy mindset. I didn't have the mentality to believe in myself nor did I want to put in the effort. Soon, I realized that working long hours while being in college was stressful and was too much for me. I had an idea of having my own business since I have a love for wearing clothes. Each clothing item would bring out a different personality for me especially on days I needed it most. I did my research looking on websites and YouTube videos on starting your own business. Gathering what was needed, I created AdoreStarr turning my dreams into my reality.