About Us

About AdoreStarr
AdoreStarr is an online fashion site that provides comfortable clothing for anyone who enjoys expressing themselves through what they wear. Being comfortable with yourself is one of the best ways to be confident and confidence helps build self love.
Our Mission
AdoreStarr strives to deliver clothing and jewelry that's not only comfortable to wear, but embraces the confidence to wear what brings happiness to the wearer. With the help of Google, Facebook, and Pinterest Ads, we are working to expand our brand awareness of clothing that's comfortable to wear.
About the Owner
Founded in 2020, AdoreStarr is owned and operated by Mia Thurmond. With the fashion world changing constantly, Thurmond wanted to deliver clothing that delivers a variety of styles to meet the expectations one could be searching for that's comfortable to wear regardless of the occasion. Weather it's running a quick errand, staying in or going out, clothing should be worn comfortably.